Canada Green Card: Fact or Fiction

In essence, there is a document that can unofficially be called, Canada green card. This is because; it is similar in some respects to the USA green card. The main point of similarity is that both cards allow foreigners to live and work in the respective countries. However, both papers are also differentiated by a number of facts. 
Canadian green card is not a fictitious concept
In this scenario, the phrase "green card" is actually used in informal settings to refer to something that is somewhat similar to the real green card that is usually issued by the United States government. Officially, the right phrase to be used is; Canada Permanent Residency Card. Therefore, the most reasonable conclusion to make is that there exists a paper that can be called Canada green card.
  • With the right papers, a complete foreigner will have some rights and obligations when in Canada. He/she will be allowed to participate in a Canadian trade so to earn an income. Also, permanent residency status will be conferred to a person.
Difference between Canadian green card and US green card
To get American green card, one has to forward an application at a specified time of the year and wait for results to be announced. However, applying to be a permanent resident of Canada is not restricted to a particular time of the year. It can be done at any moment of the year and a person does not necessarily have to apply.
  • US green card is a privilege accorded by the American government. Canada residency card is considered as a right. Therefore, for the American scenario, one is given permission (privilege) to enter, reside and work in USA while the other card grants a person the right(fundamental entitlement) to enter and reside in Canada. 
  • United States green card is somewhat restrictive. This is because, the holder of the card has to walk with it at all times and furnish it to American authorities when requested to do so. However, it is not mandatory to carry Canada Permanent Resident Card, during the course of day to day activities.
Canadian green card requirements
  • One is required to pass some medical checks. Also, a stipulated amount of money has to be paid during the application process. A person's background will be examined so as to determine whether or not he/she will be a security threat to the nation.
  • Foreigners, who have studied in Canada and those who have previously worked in Canada, can be awarded permanent residency via Canadian Experience Class program. To qualify, it must be apparent that one worked or studied with the right study/work authorization. Anyone who wants to be awarded residency status on the grounds that he has previously worked in Canada will be required to have at least 2 years working experience.
  • Individuals who have never worked or resided in Canada before can get permanent residency status if they have an employment offer in Canada. In the absence of an employment offer, one will have to prove that he has one year experience, obtained from participating in full time paid work in the Mother Country. All foreigners have to pass language proficiency test.
Canada Permanent Residency Card can figuratively be called, "Canada Green Card."The right to live and work in Canada will be granted by the Canadian government on behalf of citizens. For the case of US green card, there are no rights but foreigners are simply permitted to settle in USA. 


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