If you are coming to the Miami area to enjoy a wonderful fishing charter, one thing you might be concerned about is sea sickness. Whether you have ever experienced this distressing condition, or not, it is something you should be prepared to conquer. After all, fishing charters Miami are supposed to be relaxing and fun, spending a day nauseous and miserable is certainly no way to enjoy your fishing adventure.

Over-the Counter Medications
One of the easiest ways to combat sea sickness is to use an OTC medication. A very popular product that you can pick up at just about any pharmacy is Dramamine. Other over-the-counter medications include Bonine and Gravol. When looking for an OTC product for sea sickness, be sure to look for items that contain the active ingredients meclizine or dimenhydrinate, both of these ingredients have been shown to be very effective in managing sea sickness.
Prescription Medications
If you need something a little stronger to manage your sea sickness, you will need to visit your doctor for a prescription. Many people find that the sea sickness patch (scopolamine) is all that they need in order to overcome the symptoms of sea sickness. These patches are worn behind the ear and are quite commonly used by cruise ship passengers, as well as individuals who take fishing charters and other boating excursions.
Herbal and Homeopathic Remedies
There are many herbal remedies that can be used for sea sickness. Some essential oils can be applied directly behind the ear and there are homeopathic options that are placed under the tongue. Pulsatilla vulgaris, kalium phosphate and cocculus are all homeopathic ingredients that have been used effectively in treating motion sickness and sea sickness. Herbs such as ginger, ballota nigra, raspberry leaf, black horehound and peppermint are also extremely helpful for settling the queasy stomach that is the hallmark of sea sickness. In fact, many people claim that peppermint and ginger used together is the most effective treatment available. Of course, it is important to consult your doctor before trying any herbal or homeopathic remedy.
Other Effective Treatments
There are some very good home remedies that can help with sea sickness. One very effective treatment includes the use of special wrist bands designed to apply pressure to specific pressure points in the wrist. Other things that can help include where you are on the boat. When you are on a fishing charter in Miami, try to find a spot where you can face the same direction the boat is traveling. Also, avoid going below deck, especially if you are feeling dizzy and nauseous. Another effective treatment for nausea is to eat crackers, this is something most pregnant women realize early on in their pregnancy, but it also helps with the queasiness that accompanies sea sickness. Bananas or dry toast can also be very helpful.
Preventing Sea Sickness
Prevention is said to be the best medicine and that is certainly true when it comes to sea sickness. Avoid the following if you are prone to sea sickness:
  • alcohol
  • large meals
  • greasy foods
  • milk
  • acidic foods




What is a Vaporizer?

A vaporizer heats medical cannabis to evaporate trichomes. Combustion produces smoke and this poisons the medical marijuana. Vaporizing, however, prevents combustion, thus making smoking cannabis a safe and harmless experience. The trichomes heat up to form a concentrated vapor cloud that is very faint and difficult to see when a patient is administered cannabis. Vaporizers are electronic devices that heat the medication to a certain temperature. Heating the cannabis does not burn the marijuana and does not damage the lung tissues. 
Why are Vaporizers a Healthier Alternative?
If you or a loved one is suffering from cancer and you are worried about the various serious side effects that are an inevitable part of any kind of treatment, then the new device developed by scientists is going to bring you some cheer. The treatment system administers cancer drugs through a nebulizer. The patients are able to inhale the medications instead of taking them intravenously. This method has shown to be an effective way to treat cancer. There are also none of the harmful effects that cancer medications cause.
It is known to cut tumor in lung cancer and reduce the chance of the cancer spreading. Extensive tests have been done by scientists and vaporization has been accepted as an effective way to administer medical cannabis. Medical marijuana through a Puff It vaporizer can be administered whenever it is needed and even at the time of chemotherapy.
Every puff gives the full effect of pure cannabinoids, but the patient is safe from the harmful effects of marijuana. The flavor is not noticed, and it is smokeless and ash less. The user can choose the heat temperature and the dosage he needs per puff. The benefits of this cannabis are purely medical and only a small dose is needed when inhaled. A patient taking this form of treatment need not fear kidney damage and other complications.
Treating with nebulizer also helps doctors monitor their patients and deliver smaller doses of these medications without compromising on the benefits of these drugs. As the dosage that is inhaled is monitored, there is no risk of excess dosage and adverse side effects. The perfectly heated medical marijuana is soothing to the throat. It does not cause throat irritation nor is the patient wracked by cough. Lung cancer patients can have a safe and pleasant smoking experience without side effects.
The Puff It vaporizer is small, compact, heats up in quick time and is very easy to use. It has an automatic shut off feature, a temperate control system and comes with various accessories that include a carrying case, heat shield, removable stir tool, 4 replacement screens and 3 mouthpieces. The nebulizer has three different temperature settings, is affordable and comes with a warranty.
The Puff It vaporizer does not take long to charge, and it is easy to clean. It can be cleaned with cotton swabs and alcohol, and the screen can be changed when needed. It is reliable, effective and can be used at all times. The best in the market are not very cumbersome and can be easily carried.

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