What You Should Know Before Purchasing a Pax Vaporizer
What is a vaporizer
A vaporizer is a device that substances such as medicines into a vapor that can be instantly inhaled. Vaporizers use a central heating element that is designed to steadily and slowly heat up herbs of the plants organic material to chest before the point of combustion. Most plant material and when burned and reach temperatures over 1000° which can result in harmful toxins and residues when inhaled. Vaporizing the same materials takes place at temperatures between 350 to 400° in the paper that is produced is a nearly pure form with only trace amounts of damaging byproducts.
Different types of heating methods used in vaporizers
1.Conduction of heating
this method of heating is what is used in most traditional vaporizers. You simply put your product on a metal dish and as the element heats up the dish will reach vaporizing temperature for that particular product or material. Another word for this type of heating method is direct heating. These type of vaporizers have been in use for more than 30 years and have been found to leave paper taste of flavor to the vapor.
2.Conventional heating
this method of heating is used in the best varieties of vaporizers. It is widely popular because it is in direct heat method of vaporizing your product and because your product never comes in contact with the heat source you will never have a burnt flavor or taste to your vapor.
Pax Vaporizers
these vaporizers deliver clean pure vapor and do not heat to the point of combustion. They are compact and work off a rechargeable internal lithium-ion battery. It has an indicator which can let you know the temperature setting, status of your vaporizer as well as how much of the charge is remaining. A Pax vaporizer can heat up and be ready to use in as little as 30 seconds.
Comparing a Pax vaporizer to other portable vaporizers
In terms of vapo rthe Pax vaporizer comes in second place among its competition. While it does produce a dense invisible vapor it comes out in a cool temperature there is another vaporizer on the market that doesn't even better job. Where the Pax vaporizer excels  is in terms of its portability. Did you really small enough to fit into just any shirt or jeans pocket and has absolutely no moving parts. Another great feature of his vaporizer is the fact that when you sit down it automatically goes into idle mode and will begin me eating when you pick it back up. With its solid vapor quality and excellent portability the Pax vaporizer is a good pick in terms of portable vaporizes. You can find this particular vaporizer online by doing a search for portable vaporizes. You also be able to see the other products that are comparable to it and make an informed decision as to which type of vaporizer is best for you. You need to be sure the vaporizer you choose is capable vaporing the type of product you will be using.


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